Gail Lankford Sales Psychology Training Coach

Motivational Sales Strategies," the power of positive attitude"


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is sales coaching?


  • What are the benefits?


  • Who works with a coach?


  • What’s the difference between Coaching, Counseling and Consulting?


  • What is the International Association of Professional Life Coaches?


  • What is the average training session time frame?


  • How many participants train per session?


  • Are individual trainings/coaching available to support deficiencies?


  • Can companies offer life/sales coaching to their employees through Employee Assistance Programs as a benefit?


  • Can companies utilize training services on an ongoing basis?


  • What are the fees?

Sales coaching:                                 

  Coaching is all about discovering inner potential that maximizes both contribution and performance. The process creates a step by step change in results by focusing on behavior and mindset, and putting these new skills into an action plan. It involves a partnership where a thought-provoking and creative process serves to inspire and maximize ones personal and professional potential. It uses a process of inquiry and discovery to build awareness, breed responsibility and provides the structure, support and feedback towards the right action being taken.

The benefits of a coach:

  • Get clear on what it is you really want for your life or work
  • Establish how to best close the gap between where you are now and where you’d like to be
  • Dramatically increase your motivation and confidence levels and transfer the enthusiasm to a new and purposeful mindset
  • Learn how to break through what’s held you back in the past
  • Develop new empowerment skills
  • Achieve dramatic results with the help of a personal support person
  • Make dramatic improvement in any area of your personal, professional or spiritual journey
  • Be supported, encouraged, challenged and held accountable by a coach  committed to you and your goals

Who works with a coach?


Coaching is used by highly successful people as a tool to assist them in peak performance. Individuals and teams achieve the best results when they are supported by a good coach and planned excellence. Any skill can be achieved with practice, but practice is what it takes and the accountability of a coach helps individuals work toward effectiveness, creativity, resourcefulness and overall happiness. Discovering your inner strengths and breaking through the past is an empowering result that can be achieved.  Sessions are uniquely tailored to individual needs, so anyone and everyone can benefit from the coaching process at all stages in their personal or professional lives.

What’s the difference between Coaching, Counseling or Consulting?

Counseling essentially deals with emotional issues of the past, looking to resolve the impact these are having on the present day. Consultants are sought out for the specific advice and solutions they provide. A coach’s focus is on helping you to discover your own best, and a coach facilitates the creation of new ways of being towards cultivating greater success. The focus is always on moving forward, achieving growth and measurable results.

What is the International Association of Professional Life Coaches?

A world renowned organization for professional life coaches that offers and mandates ongoing training, support and resources for professionals that are certified, meet certain standards and experience criteria.


Sales Training Sessions: scheduled in 4 hour increments

How many participants at a time?  The most effective trainings are a maximum of 8-10 participants at a time.

Individual trainings: are available to support deficiencies, new hires, performance planning, and management trainings.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP):  EAP benefits offers employees added security and an additional attraction toward the overall company culture and talent acquisition.  The benefits of personal coaching for staff will help with a consistent morale boost for staff that is unprecedented by many corporations.  Many companies are utilizing alternate benefits for their staff’s mental well being.    

Ongoing training:  Ongoing training is available for companies without a training department or the “train the trainer” sales program is a viable option. These options may be available depending on the individual company’s needs and training schedule availability.


Fees for service: Coaching fees start at $397.00 for 4 hours divided up in 1/2 hour increments for individuals. Team sales or customer service trainings start at $1300.00 for up to 8 participants for a one day, 4 hour sales training and coaching session. This option is for companies’ only and the training environment and travel cost must be provided. All training materials are included in fees. Individual training and coaching sessions are available to participants on an on-going basis at a discounted rate. Business referrals qualify for a free 2 hour continuing training education for managers at a later scheduled date.


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