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Seven Simple Strategies to Successful Sales

Seven Simple Steps to Successful Sales

1. Change your thinking with this positive affirmation: “I will be in the top 10% of the top 10% in my field”.
2. Feedback: Ask your sales manager about your development. “What strategies can I use to positively impact my sales results”?
3. Association breeds Assimilation: Stay away from “negative Nellie”, stay positive, do not get involved with co-workers discussions about how bad…
4. Build energy level: Eat right and exercise your body and your mind and get plenty of rest.
5. Role play with yourself: Sit in front of a mirror and start a dialogue with yourself that is customer focused, practice the features, advantages and benefits of your product(s) and or service, asking for the sale.
6. Remind yourself: a) Your customers are afraid to make a poor decision, b) your customer has not considered all of their needs, c) your customers can not visualize outcomes, d) your customer will spend more than they indicate, e) your customers need you and your services
7. Goal Setting: You must work with a sense of urgency. Do your homework; use call to action strategies, know your competition, identify your strengths and your opportunities.
The advantages of these tips are to become consistently confident and to increase your level of service. Consider these steps as your,  Sales Strategy Aerobics


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