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How Will You Redesign Your Life?


Working at Thomasville Home Furnishings as a Design Consultant with various levels of sales talent, I was surprised to see how many designers felt customers have an obligation to buy from them because they offered some suggestions. The designers actually believed the services they offered were gifts to the consumers rather than an opportunity to create a relationship. There were so many people who constantly applied for positions at the Thomasville gallery under the impression that since they had good color schemes in mind or a taste for textiles, they would be great salespeople. The problem was that they often lacked people skills, the skills necessary to actually facilitate relationships. A lot of them didn't really even enjoy people, how can you work in sales and not like people?   Customers would come to pick their brains and go elsewhere to close the deal. It wasn’t that the showroom lacked selection or the pricing wasn’t in their budget. The reason the customers purchased from another retailer was that the designer failed to build a rapport. Rapports are built on trust, honesty, and confidence and if these attributes are not fully engaged within the discovery phase, a customer will buy from someone else or somewhere else. Continue reading


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What Is A Sale? A Sale Is A Transfer Of Enthusiasm

“Enthusiasm is infectious and energizing, people are motivated by leaders who possess a vision for a better tomorrow”  Earl Graves Jr.

Welcome to the world of Sales Psychology Training and Coaching Services. Offering  the Sales professional, the opportunity to look at the sales process from a new set of eyes.  It’s true, it takes 21 days to develop a new habit but change can’t happen without practice.  My objective and ultimate goal is to empower the sales person to recognize that  fear, ego, lack of trustworthiness, guilt, intention, pressure and  survival, triggers the lack of sales. It’s a paradigm shift, changing how you see yourself and how others see you will determine your success or failure. Continue reading