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How To Transform Your Sales Career Into A Successful Business

lets shake        What Makes Your Business A Successful Business? 

  1. Location, location, location
  2. Brand
  3. Product
  4. Marketing/Advertising
  5. ?

It’s the People, the human resources that makes any business successful.  In our evolving world of technology that we currently live in,  we take for granted us.  We the People, the idiots.  No need for humans to answer the phones, Directory assistance, what’s that?  Ask someone directions, why Siri will tell me everything I need to know, she even tell a joke or two.  MP3’s, CDs, DVDs, Blue Ray, iPad,  TiVo, GPS, SMART PHONES…

All of this is great for the assistance to make life simpler and more convenient, but what about us, WE THE PEOPLE?  Are we still necessary in the world of sales?  Oh, and by the way # 5 is YOU.  You are what makes a business successful, Right?  Absolutely.

Understand You are not obsolete in the world of sales, every company needs people to sell people. People to cultivate relationships, and good sales people to help the indecisive customers determine their wants and needs.  Excuse me, not good sales people , GREAT ONES.   With all things equal in the world of sales, meaning the opportunities are even across the board, what is the  difference between top performers, average ones, and below average ones?  The answer is simple, skill level and attitude.

Let’s discount the ones who are below average, since we know they wont make it in this game, actually they don’t care to and they are not the ones making up the human source of success.  As I call them,  the fill in the gappers, spacers or  “the Temp”  referred to in the  comedy  “The Office” starring Steve Carrell, incidentally my favorite comedy. You know who I’m talking about , the one who wants all the hours to be shorter in a day, the ones who NEVER wants to take on a new account or customer and makes the least amount of mullah. It’s the tiny things that make the biggest difference  between Top Sales Professionals and Average Ones, ordinary salaries Versus extraordinary salaries.  Now, I ask the question, which category do you honestly fall in?  There are 12 common qualities of top sales professionals. Continue reading